Aggregate nodes (gather all content in a parent node)

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Understand node aggregation

When working with nodes in a hierarchy, you can gather all the material in child nodes and roll it up to the parent node.

When you open a parent node (that has aggregation turned on) you can see the material coded directly at the node as well as any material coded at its first-level child nodes.

The ui_icon_aggregate.gif icon in the Aggregate column indicates that aggregation is turned on. This column is not visible by default—you can add the column to your node List View.

For example, you could turn on node aggregation for the parent nodes in this hierarchy:

Then you could open

If you add child nodes, the content is automatically rolled up to the parent (if the parent has aggregation turned on).


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Turn node aggregation on or off

  1. In List View click the parent node.

  2. On the Home tab, in the Item group, click the Properties image.


The Node Properties dialog box is displayed.

  1. Select the Aggregate check box.

  2. Click OK.


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