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Why assign item colors?

NVivo gives you the option of assigning item colors to sources, nodes, relationships, attribute values, and users. At different stages of your project you may decide to use color in different ways.

You can assign item colors to:


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What colors can I assign?

NVivo provides seven colors: blue, green, purple, orange, red, pink, and yellow.

You can assign these colors to:

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Where can I see item colors?

You can display item colors in the following:

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How do I set the color scheme?

You can set the color scheme that NVivo uses whenever you display coding stripes or create visualizations such as charts and graphs—you can set the default to either:

If you have displayed coding stripes in a source or node, or you are working in a particular chart or other visualization, you can override the default color scheme by setting the color scheme for the item you are working with.

Refer to Set colors for more information.

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