Undo recent actions

You can use the 'undo' function to reverse your five most recent actions.

If you are working in a standalone project, the undo list is cleared when you save the project—you cannot undo changes made before you saved the project.

If you are working in a server project, you can undo your most recent changes, except when the undo would conflict with subsequent changes made by another user. If you plan to make major changes to a server project, and you want to be certain you will be able to 'undo' these changes, you should open the project exclusively.

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Undo your last action

Keyboard shortcut To undo your last action, press CTRL+Z

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Undo all actions preceding a selected action

  1. Click the arrow next to Undo rn_undo.gif  on the Quick Access Toolbar. A list of your most recent actions is displayed.

  2. Click the action you want to undo. The selected action, and all actions above it in the list, are undone.

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