Filter, sort and customize a classification sheet

When you open a classification sheet, you see a grid listing all the source or nodes assigned to the classification with their attribute values.

You can filter, sort and customize the classification sheet to suit your analysis.

What do you want to do?


Change the display of source or node names

You can change how project items names are displayed in the classification sheet. For example, instead of displaying the folder location in the source or node names, you could choose to display the name only.

  1. Click in the Detail View.

  2. On the View tab, in the Detail View group, click Classification.

  3. Select the name format you want to display.

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Filter by attribute value

You can filter the project items in the classification sheet based on their attribute values. For example, you could show only the sources with a specific publication date or only case nodes where age group=18-25.

  1. Select a column you want to filter.

  2. On the Layout tab, in the Sort & Filter group, click Filter, and then click Filter Column.


The Classification Filter Options dialog box opens.

  1. Specify the filter you want to apply to the column—refer to Applying filters for more information.

  2. Click OK. The filter icon ui_filter_red.gif at the top of the column displays red to indicate a filter has been applied.


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Sort attribute values

  1. Select a column that you want to sort on.

  2. On the Layout tab, in the Sort & Filter group, click Sort By and then click Column.


The data is sorted by the selected column in ascending order.

NOTE  You can repeat the steps above to sort the selected column in descending order.

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Hide rows or columns

  1. Click the row or column header to select the row or column.

  2. On the Layout tab, in the Show/Hide group, click rn_layout_showhide_hiderow.gif Hide Row or rn_layout_showhide_hidecolumn.gif Hide Column.

The selected row or column is hidden.

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Show hidden rows or columns

To show all hidden rows or columns:

All hidden rows or columns become visible.


To show a single hidden row or column:

  1. Do one of the following

  1. On the Layout tab, in the Show/Hide group, click rn_layout_showhide_unhiderow.gif Unhide Row or rn_layout_showhide_unhidecolumn.gif Unhide Column.

The hidden row or column becomes visible.

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Show or hide column and row IDs

You can hide the identification numbers that preface row and column names.

  1. Click in the Detail View.

  2. On the Layout tab, in the Show/Hide group, click Row IDs or Column IDs.


NOTE Hiding row or column IDs can make it difficult to determine if rows or columns have been hidden.

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Reorder columns

To reorder the columns in the classification sheet:

  1. Select the column you want to move.

  2. On the Layout tab in the Rows & Columns group, click rn_layout_rowscolums_moveright.gif Move Right or rn_layout_rowscolums_moveleft.gif Move Left.

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Transpose the columns and rows

You can rearrange the columns and rows in the classification sheet.

  1. Click in Detail View.

  2. On the Layout tab, in the Rows & Columns group, click Transpose.


The columns and rows are rearranged.

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Apply original display settings

To return the classification sheet back to its original display settings:


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