Automatic coding in audio and video sources

If you have added custom fields (columns) in your audio or video transcripts, you can use them to quickly code an audio/video source.

For example, if you added the custom field Speaker, NVivo can create a node for each speaker and code the content at that node—this way you can gather everything said by a specific person.

Auto code a transcript using custom fields

  1. In List View, select the audio or video source you want to auto code.

NOTE When auto coding multiple sources, you can only select the same source type—all audio or all video sources.

  1. On the Analyze tab, in the Coding group, click Auto Code.


The Auto Code dialog box opens.

  1. From the Available Transcript Fields list, select the custom fields you want to use for coding.

  2. Click the right arrow button >> to add the custom field to the Selected Transcript Fields list.

NOTE A node is created for each unique text string in the custom field and the text in the Content field is coded at the node. The order of the custom fields in the list determines how they are nested in the node hierarchy—the first custom field is the parent of the second and so on.

  1. Under Code at Nodes, select where you want to store the newly created nodes. Choose:
  1. (Optional) Select the Aggregate coding to parent node check box, if you want the content coded at child nodes to be shown in the parent node.
  2. Click OK.